This is my greenhouse.

It is a simple hoop-house style metal tubing frame with two layers of durable plastic wrapped around it.  Last April myself along with about 12 enthusiastic friends helped me carry the bare-bones structure across the road from a neighbours’ homestead.  Air is blown between the two layers of plastic from a small bathroom ventilation fan.  This creates a bubble effect, adding insulation and helping to boost the inside temperature.  It also extends the lifespan of the plastic.  The plastic isn’t buffeted by the wind nearly as much since the inflator-fan keeps the plastic taught.

Lately I have been busy cutting firewood which will be used to fuel the wood burning stove I have installed inside this green house.  I plan to start my first seedlings (onions, leeks, celery and celeriac, etc.) in the house in February.  While I am not growing anything in the greenhouse now, come March it will start filling up with seedlings.

My seed orders have started trickling in!   The arrival of the first seeds brings such a good feeling – thanks to all of the early members who have signed up.  Your deposits helped cover the costs of seeds!  I am still waiting for two big orders of seeds, and may make a few more small orders.

The weather has been so up and down lately.  On nice days it has been great to work with Rose (the Clydesdale).  On blisteringly cold and windy evenings like this one, its nice to stay in and plot out next years’ gardens on paper.

A view from the front-yard, overlooking the Duncan Nature Reserve

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