Hot, dry, and surprisingly luscious!

The gardens are coming into full force as spring slowly transitions into summer.  It has been dry (a gross understatement), but once established, most crops seem to be able to reach for water, which is great.  I have been busy fixing up the irrigation system, transplanting the heat loving crops like tomatoes, peppers, okra and melons, and, of course, seeding and weeding.

The CSA has just started, so for anyone wondering if there are still spots left for this summer, it is far too late.  But don`t worry, if you didn`t get your act together earlier, you can still find me at the Clarksburg Farmers’ Market every Wednesday from 3 until 6 starting this week, as well as at the Collingwood Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings.  If you are looking for a culturally diverse selection of vegetables, keep your eyes peeled for the multi-colour Kolapore Gardens sign.


While I look forward to bringing many more unique asian vegetables to the markets, like gai long, tatsoi, mizuna, and other braising greens, I also hope to have another great crop of okra this year, and can`t wait to see if the habañeros, jalepeños and other hot peppers will produce enough to share with others.  And for those looking for a good old head of lettuce, peas, carrots and potatoes, yes, I`ll be bringing some of those as well.

I thoroughly enjoy my regular visits at the market, however, as my to do list grows and I find myself in the garden more than anywhere else, I cannot guarantee any regularity, whatsoever, with these blog updates.  Take my lack of consistent blog updates as a sign that I’m busily working away in the gardens, growing the food you love!

Here are a few photos of the past month or so at the farm, hope you enjoy!

lettuce, green onions and sage

A turkey, ready to pounce from the box of my truck

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