Bee Friendly & “Seed Money”

Winter has arrived in full force and that means its time to strap on the snow-shoes, extra layers, and go soak up wonderful sunlight that is reflecting off of every snow-covered surface.

I’ve been busily working away at my calculations and paperwork and putting together seed orders for next year.  Subscriptions for next summers’ Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program have been flowing in.  The deposit required to reserve your spot in the CSA quite literally is “seed money” as it pays for the seeds which will allow for an abundance of luscious tomatoes, fresh nutty & spicy greens, crisp carrots, refreshing cucumbers, sensuous squash and all of the other good stuff that grows in the gardens.  For more info about CSA’s in general check out What is C.S.A.? and for specific details on next summers’ program, see CSA Details.

It is my hope that each new year can build upon the successes and failures of the ones previous to it, to offer a more rounded, diverse selection of produce, herbs and flowers to the families who subscribe to the gardens’ CSA.  So, it is with a good deal of excitement (and perhaps a little caution given last springs’ weather) that I look forward to being able to offer organically grown rhubarb to those in the CSA who do not have they’re own rhubarb patch to eat from.  HURRAY!

BFF_Logo[1] (2)


Kolapore Gardens’ is a certified Bee Friendly Farm and Garden!  For more information on why this is important and who’s behind it, check out Partners for Sustainable Pollination as well as Seeds of Diversity.

Here’s to a resilient local food system that supports its local pollinators, and embodies tenacity, responsibility and gratitude!




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