Befriending a Landbase

Kolapore Uplands is one of the largest remaining intact wilderness areas in southern Ontario, and home to a rich variety of biodiversity.

Our lives are deeply enriched by vast expanses of wild lands, where the grip and footprint of development and industrialism hasn’t taken hold or left its mark.  These areas feed deep places within us and nurture our imagination, creativity, and are host to a whole web of life that literally supports our own.

While agriculture can seem at complete odds with the wild way of the world, the new organic grower works alongside a healthy, intact community of tightly woven and intricate predator-prey relationships and other interactions – stewarding and protecting wild places is a key factor in building a strong and resilient local food system.

I wanted to post a note I received by the Friends of the Kolapore, a group who has organized around responsible stewardship of the Kolapore Uplands.

Dear All,

As many of you know, the public meeting to air concerns about the
planned Oro Ridge commercial water-taking in the Kolapore will take
place on April 15 at 7 pm in the Osprey Community Centre at 494196 Grey
Road 2 in Feversham.

Friends of the Kolapore urge you to:
—  attend the meeting, and
—  write to express your concerns to the Planner on the case, Sarah
Morrison, in advance of the meeting, at Sarah.Morrison @ Letters
directed to the political level (County and/or Municipal) are also welcome.

As you know, Friends of the Kolapore take the view that this commercial
water-taking proposal is an “incompatible use” for the area.  A host of
other concerns exist, from the protection of the watershed, to the
impact on the surrounding environment, to safety issues on the road, and
the preservation of the rural character of the roads and the area.

Please note that if you do not speak at the meeting, or write to express
your views, you may not:
— appeal the decisions made by the Municipality or County, nor
— join in an appeal by any group or individual.

Thank you.

*for a bit more background info here is an article from 2010 in the Meaford Independent about Kolapore Uplands

Here is a link to the Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association

2 thoughts on “Befriending a Landbase

  1. Thanks for the post Mike. It’s farmers with an intergenerational vision like you that have a sense of commitment to growing not only their food but revitalizing their landbase.


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