Looking Back, We’ve Accomplished A Lot This Year!

Looking back, the innovations, excitement and organic growing goodness started first thing in January of 2015.



Last winter we ran a test-run Winter CSA program, and by January we were in deep winter and had been since November.  However, despite cold, snowy landscapes, and whiskers covered in ice, the greenhouses yielded sweet tender spinach from January until mid-March – SUCCESS!

Speaking of greenhouses, thanks again to a Carrot Cache Grant we put up one more greenhouse – this one for starting seedlings in spring as well as growing heat loving crops and winter spinach…

And we moved a few greenhouses to better locations…

Both our Summer and Winter CSA’s were bigger than ever this past year, we distributed more vegetables at the Collingwood Farmers Market than ever before, and we broke our own records by donating more food than ever before to local initiatives.


I helped found & get off the ground a new Farmers’ Market – the Thornbury Farmers Market – it was a hands-down huge success and I am excited to see how it grows as it comes into its own identity as a keystone of the Thornbury community.

Around the farm I planted a ton of trees including close to thirty white oaks, some pear and plum trees and about a dozen each of cedars, spruce, and hemlock.

Seed saving initiatives at the farm proved fruitful as we harvested seeds from a dozen crops and in the case of tomatoes, over a dozen varieties.


We made more compost on farm than ever before, blending horse and chicken manure with straw and wood shaving bedding.  This acts as a superhouse of biological activity that we use to inoculate the gardens and boost soil life for healthier plants (and people). Having a mixed farm with horses and chickens is one of the secrets of how we can produce so many vegetables from under 2 acres of garden.


I built a root washer!

We threw a kick-ass barn party!


But more than all of that we’re the characters. So many unique and interesting characters this year! I felt supported by two amazing apprentices (Maria and Ryan), a community of volunteers, CSA members, loyal farmers’ market customers, other growers, local businesses and organizations, family and friends.

Here’s to another bountiful season of good food, and to the contentment of all of the beings that grow it and value it!

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And Stay Tuned – We’ve Got Big Plans for 2016!

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